Why do I do this...

Why? To be better...

1. I promised (only a few people will know what this means, and if you don't, you will).
2. I am better than this.

Personal Bests

Santa Race November 25, 2012
5k 30:51 min/sec 6:11 pace per km

Boxing Day 10 Miler December 26, 2012
16.09 k 1:42:22 hr/min/sec 6:23 pace per km

Road 2 Hope Half Marathon November 4, 2012
21.1k 2:16:41 hr/min/sec 6:27 pace per km

Road 2 Hope Marathon November 5, 2011
5k 34:18 min/sec 6:52 pace per km

Around the Bay March 25, 2012
5k 32:07 min/sec 6:26 pace per km

Burlington Runners Good Friday 5k April 6, 2012
5k 31:22 min/sec 6:22 pace per km
(Garmin Race Time 5k 31:12 min/sec 6:14 pace per km)

Imperial Glass 4/8K Grey Cup Run November 26th, 2011
4K 26:55 min/sec 6:44 pace per km

Non Race Personal Bests

2.4km 13:19 min/sec 5:31 pace per km
July 17, 2012

5k 28:13 min/sec 5:40 pace per km
Nov 15, 2012

10k 1:02:25 hour/min/sec 6:15 pace Aug/29/2012

Challenge Start: July 18, 2011
Start Weight: 286 lbs
Current Weight: 208 lbs as at November 11, 2012
Total lost: 78 lbs
Goal Weight: 197
Last Cigarette: June, 2011

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Priorities...Me, Thinking Out Loud.

Today, I must congratulate all those that can consistently post to their blogs, as I am finding it a difficult task at the moment. This is the basic reason for my post today; time management and priorities.

Really its me just thinking out loud. I am confident we all do/struggle with this daily but I would like to hear your opinions on this post to get a feel for what others think and do in times when the priority is not necessarily important.

We all reschedule and re juggle but what do the successful people do to stay on track and not lose sight of their ultimate goal of a healthy lifestyle and weight?

To start I am going to list what I think is most important in my life right now and where its ranked in priority. In other words, its priority may not be ranked as high as its importance and because of this I reserve the right to change it in the future (I know it will). These lists are not exhaustive as I am thinking out loud and I am sure I will need to add things and probably looking back I will think why are these things not on the list or even why was this an issue?


  1. Shelter
  2. Work/Money
  3. Family/Relationships
  4. Health (IE proper eating, sleeping)
  5. Exercise
  6. Entertainment (IE blogging)
Current Priority Rank
  1. Work/Money
  2. Shelter
  3. Health
  4. Family/Relationships
  5. Exercise
  6. Entertainment

That image is more accurate than most of you will know. The bus has made my life upside down. Still moving but not like it was.

In the past, I have talked about stress and its'effects. Also, I have talked about fear and the will to succeed, which brings me back to my original reason for this post. That reason is BALANCE in priorities and their importance. We all strive for it, and if we are lucky we get it. What we make our priorities, typically becomes our reality. This is what I need to keep mindful of currently, and get exercise to start moving back up to the top of my priorities and not create excuses for myself. I am aware that it has dropped in importance but right now it has to be but whenever I can, I am and will fight back!

Tell me, is there a better way to look at this? When you cant make it number one, what's the best way to cope?