Why do I do this...

Why? To be better...

1. I promised (only a few people will know what this means, and if you don't, you will).
2. I am better than this.

Personal Bests

Santa Race November 25, 2012
5k 30:51 min/sec 6:11 pace per km

Boxing Day 10 Miler December 26, 2012
16.09 k 1:42:22 hr/min/sec 6:23 pace per km

Road 2 Hope Half Marathon November 4, 2012
21.1k 2:16:41 hr/min/sec 6:27 pace per km

Road 2 Hope Marathon November 5, 2011
5k 34:18 min/sec 6:52 pace per km

Around the Bay March 25, 2012
5k 32:07 min/sec 6:26 pace per km

Burlington Runners Good Friday 5k April 6, 2012
5k 31:22 min/sec 6:22 pace per km
(Garmin Race Time 5k 31:12 min/sec 6:14 pace per km)

Imperial Glass 4/8K Grey Cup Run November 26th, 2011
4K 26:55 min/sec 6:44 pace per km

Non Race Personal Bests

2.4km 13:19 min/sec 5:31 pace per km
July 17, 2012

5k 28:13 min/sec 5:40 pace per km
Nov 15, 2012

10k 1:02:25 hour/min/sec 6:15 pace Aug/29/2012

Challenge Start: July 18, 2011
Start Weight: 286 lbs
Current Weight: 208 lbs as at November 11, 2012
Total lost: 78 lbs
Goal Weight: 197
Last Cigarette: June, 2011

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Redemption Run

Well not exactly redemption, but it certainly felt better to have gotten the run done on the first take. I am referring to my Domino fiasco.

Today did not feel like a good day to run. It was dreary, grey and rainy most of the day. I felt very low energy when I got off work, however this mindset is easily crushed once the blood begins to flow.

Now as some of you may have read my last run was somewhat of a disaster. The biggest thing accomplished was likely the measurement of the track. I say this because, today I could just focus on the run and not be distracted by technology. ie like my pants. It was easier to just run because I knew where I needed to finish.

Lately, when I have ran, I have employed the Fartlek running technique. By the way I love this word it makes me laugh inside every time I read or type it! It does not evoke thoughts of running to me. Maybe it does to others but I have not investigated it origins.  I think its is even fun to say to new people. Yes, a funny word!

Ya, I am running Fartlek tonight! (Ha!)

Actually, I believe its Swedish for speed play. Its similar to interval training but rather than structured intervals you use what works for you and its really helped me. Its like a game. As you run you pick a point and sprint to it. Then, you jog till you catch your breath and do it again. If you feel good, you can pick another point and keep going. I use, light stands, trees and benches as points to run too. I think its a great way to increase pace and keep your workouts intense and at the same time keep your workout fun.

So last week I ran a 16:03 for the 2.4kms and this week....15:15! Pace 6:21 per km which is a PB!

Its always hard to go do something that's not easy regardless of energy levels but I can assure you the feeling when your done is worth every last bit of discomfort!

Here I am after warming down with a celebratory grin!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Meet Barbara AKA CrossFit 1A1

Well here it is, my first Crossfit class complete!

The coaches were way kind to the newbies and only made us do "Barbara" 3x. For the regulars it was 5x.

Barbara is as follows...


20 Pullups//box assisted for me
30 Pushups//set two and three off the knees
40 Situps//this is my kryptonite (completed but pulling up on my legs)
50 Squats

Time: 26:35

Barabara is not kind but I got through it. My real weakness was the sit-ups. The push-ups were hard but they are already improving. Just two months ago, one was not possible, so I think getting 30 in a row with a rest between sets of ten are an accomplishment in itself. And remarkably, I am not that sore today, but tomorrow is another day!!

Bring on the rest of the ladies!!(I think)

Monday, February 13, 2012

CrossFit 1A1

Just a quick post. As many of you know I have started CrossFit approximately three weeks ago. This is the beginning of full week 3, and during that time I have only attended Olympic Weight Lifting Classes (2) and Kettle Bell classes (6).

Tonight I am going to attend my first actual CrossFit class, and I am excited to say the least.

If anyone saw my last post the Domino Effect, it is my wish that this goes much smoother than that night. I will make sure to wear the right pants!

If I make it through the class (from observation it won't be easy), I will write an update.

Wish me luck!