Why do I do this...

Why? To be better...

1. I promised (only a few people will know what this means, and if you don't, you will).
2. I am better than this.

Personal Bests

Santa Race November 25, 2012
5k 30:51 min/sec 6:11 pace per km

Boxing Day 10 Miler December 26, 2012
16.09 k 1:42:22 hr/min/sec 6:23 pace per km

Road 2 Hope Half Marathon November 4, 2012
21.1k 2:16:41 hr/min/sec 6:27 pace per km

Road 2 Hope Marathon November 5, 2011
5k 34:18 min/sec 6:52 pace per km

Around the Bay March 25, 2012
5k 32:07 min/sec 6:26 pace per km

Burlington Runners Good Friday 5k April 6, 2012
5k 31:22 min/sec 6:22 pace per km
(Garmin Race Time 5k 31:12 min/sec 6:14 pace per km)

Imperial Glass 4/8K Grey Cup Run November 26th, 2011
4K 26:55 min/sec 6:44 pace per km

Non Race Personal Bests

2.4km 13:19 min/sec 5:31 pace per km
July 17, 2012

5k 28:13 min/sec 5:40 pace per km
Nov 15, 2012

10k 1:02:25 hour/min/sec 6:15 pace Aug/29/2012

Challenge Start: July 18, 2011
Start Weight: 286 lbs
Current Weight: 208 lbs as at November 11, 2012
Total lost: 78 lbs
Goal Weight: 197
Last Cigarette: June, 2011

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Redemption Run

Well not exactly redemption, but it certainly felt better to have gotten the run done on the first take. I am referring to my Domino fiasco.

Today did not feel like a good day to run. It was dreary, grey and rainy most of the day. I felt very low energy when I got off work, however this mindset is easily crushed once the blood begins to flow.

Now as some of you may have read my last run was somewhat of a disaster. The biggest thing accomplished was likely the measurement of the track. I say this because, today I could just focus on the run and not be distracted by technology. ie like my pants. It was easier to just run because I knew where I needed to finish.

Lately, when I have ran, I have employed the Fartlek running technique. By the way I love this word it makes me laugh inside every time I read or type it! It does not evoke thoughts of running to me. Maybe it does to others but I have not investigated it origins.  I think its is even fun to say to new people. Yes, a funny word!

Ya, I am running Fartlek tonight! (Ha!)

Actually, I believe its Swedish for speed play. Its similar to interval training but rather than structured intervals you use what works for you and its really helped me. Its like a game. As you run you pick a point and sprint to it. Then, you jog till you catch your breath and do it again. If you feel good, you can pick another point and keep going. I use, light stands, trees and benches as points to run too. I think its a great way to increase pace and keep your workouts intense and at the same time keep your workout fun.

So last week I ran a 16:03 for the 2.4kms and this week....15:15! Pace 6:21 per km which is a PB!

Its always hard to go do something that's not easy regardless of energy levels but I can assure you the feeling when your done is worth every last bit of discomfort!

Here I am after warming down with a celebratory grin!!


  1. Congrats on your personal best! And thanks for saying what needed to be said about Fartlek, ever since you first mentioned it I'd been torn between making a joke or trying to be politically correct..... the latter has no place here! Great run :) I think I'll try Fartlek next time I do a running workout, although hopefully no one will be around ;) hahahaha

    1. oops was that Fartlek you were doing? LOL thanks!

  2. It is Swedish for speed play, just as it is Norwegian for speed play. :) Funny! Good job on your personal best!

    1. Thank-you for the confirmation! Its so interesting as languages absorb one another.

  3. Congrats on your PB! Nice work!

    I'll try this technique when I go out for a run this afternoon. My neighborhood is all hills so that should work well.

    1. Thank-you! I hope it helps, it certainly has helped me pick up the pace!