Why do I do this...

Why? To be better...

1. I promised (only a few people will know what this means, and if you don't, you will).
2. I am better than this.

Personal Bests

Santa Race November 25, 2012
5k 30:51 min/sec 6:11 pace per km

Boxing Day 10 Miler December 26, 2012
16.09 k 1:42:22 hr/min/sec 6:23 pace per km

Road 2 Hope Half Marathon November 4, 2012
21.1k 2:16:41 hr/min/sec 6:27 pace per km

Road 2 Hope Marathon November 5, 2011
5k 34:18 min/sec 6:52 pace per km

Around the Bay March 25, 2012
5k 32:07 min/sec 6:26 pace per km

Burlington Runners Good Friday 5k April 6, 2012
5k 31:22 min/sec 6:22 pace per km
(Garmin Race Time 5k 31:12 min/sec 6:14 pace per km)

Imperial Glass 4/8K Grey Cup Run November 26th, 2011
4K 26:55 min/sec 6:44 pace per km

Non Race Personal Bests

2.4km 13:19 min/sec 5:31 pace per km
July 17, 2012

5k 28:13 min/sec 5:40 pace per km
Nov 15, 2012

10k 1:02:25 hour/min/sec 6:15 pace Aug/29/2012

Challenge Start: July 18, 2011
Start Weight: 286 lbs
Current Weight: 208 lbs as at November 11, 2012
Total lost: 78 lbs
Goal Weight: 197
Last Cigarette: June, 2011

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Too Much, Too Little, Just Enough

The concern, the question...do I work too hard or am I not working hard enough? Or try this one on...work through an injury or don't? No easy answer here is there, and honestly I don't have a concrete one, and I will tell you why.

1. Too much information
2. Fear
3. Pain

Too much information, how can that be? You have been on the internet lately right? Do this, don't do that! No that's wrong...no that's right... don't do that..do this....are you getting the point? Its like a whirlpool (I will not go under), and thankfully its usually free but sometimes a yes no answer would make things sooo much easier! Who is right...athletes, trainers, doctors, magazines, friends, workshops, books and the list goes on and on. There is a lot of overlap and similarities and the usual cautions (because of the next point). But why is there so much information and who is right?......ding! ding! ding! We have a winner!! It's you and me!! Read as much as you can, absorb as much as you can but I am a believer of you, and in the case of me...ME! There is no better answer than your own, but I will continue to pursue others, why you ask? Because it continues to mould mine!

I am afraid to talk about the next topic...FEAR!! hahaha. "Yep, I did that wrong!!" " Oh, I can't do that!", heard any of these before? I hate this one, so many times I have convinced myself  I'm over this one and it creeps back. Hate it! Hate it! It blocks success, new experiences, new goals, and is waiting to capture you and put you back where you came from. Failure is part of success, and it goes back to the confusing information part (see above ha ha). Read (or listen to others-I'm not a reader) as much as possible even if it doesn't make sense (it will one day) because it reduces fear. Having a base knowledge or being prepared for the change reduces fear. To cope, fear is my friend. It makes me want to know why. I sound so funny today, but really I mean it. Its there, I have to work with it. Oh, and yes my fear is failing to not succeed, so to deal with it, I am doing a blog. What? Yes, I fear my failure and so to motivate myself I write about it because the embarrassment of failure scares me more.

So I began my "Fat Fight" with a friend (Enza) doing a running program called Couch25k. Its awesome and a great way to ease into running/jogging. When I was younger, I played soccer, ball hockey, golf (don't laugh), and high school football. During that time I sustained many injuries but they typically healed up fast and had little lingering affect (in 95 I was in a serious MVA/talk about that another time) and the pain was short lived. Now back to the C25K, I believe it was week two, my knee began to act up, and it took three weeks of daily ice, ibuprofen, various new shoes for it to resolve. If you believe everything you read--going back to #1 and #2...I should have stopped and probably resorted too...."I can't do this!" Thank-fully I did not.

Now fast forward to today and I wake up daily with muscle pain, and a nagging plantar fasciitis. Everything I read says stop, but I know I cant.....why?....because of number 2. Not an option, I think I am too close to breaking out into a relatively healthy person and I don't think I am far enough along to stop. Everything I read says stop, I can't (fear), but the pain is bad (deal with it). My choice....my failure. Experience says I will get through, I just need to control my fear and continue to learn to battle it even if the answer is not readily available or I am not willing to hear it.



  1. While this will sound contrite, I do believe that your body knows best. From a physical perspective, you'll tend to understand the difference between the good and bad pains and react accordingly. If you are running along and your knee or shin begins to hurt and doesn't go away, then listen to it and ease off. General soreness and aches are the things to just work through.

    Now...when your body tells you one thing and your heart/head tells you something different, that is where the fun really begins. So...your legs may be okay, but your lungs are burning and your head says..."We better stop" even though you may have something left in you. Pushing beyond the limits is the greatest barrier, but sometimes I'll say to myself "Ok...just 2 more minutes or one more block and if my body simply can't give anymore, than I'll stop." Sometimes my head/heart are right and I'll stop, but most times they are wussies!

    So...I'd suggest getting the best sense of what your body is telling you and you should listen to the pain that just doesn't "feel" right.

  2. :) <-- nodding and smiling. I know this fear that you speak of.
    I believe the body is intelligent and will "signal" you what to do/not do..

  3. This is a good post for a couple of reasons: 1. you are pretty logical about the problems you are facing 2. you are honest with yourself and readers about your fears 3. You are not going to give up!!!

  4. http://jackfit.blogspot.com

    Awesome guy blogger - Jack $hit. Check him out, in between making me laugh, he makes me think. I would marry Jack :)

  5. Its fear the most....... that stops some of us...ME....from really going out to excercise! I have constant pain from osteo arthritis and have become more or less a couch potato......I do plant a garden, I have a a small floor peddle that I can sit in my chair and peddle a bike....I try to keep as physical as possible...but to do actual excercise it hurts so much..It gets me in the knees right away.... the pain that hurts already....so do I continue with the pain....or do I really make my body hurt from trying to make it better thru the pain...then it is on to pain pills and then zombie mode.....like you said Gunnie...you research and look to see what is best it is confusing and to ask someone for help is EXPENSIVE...like to get help with a trainer or physio....its a 100 bucks or more a visit!!!! It really is or has become How much do I really want to suffer to see the light at the end of the tunnel of PAIN!!!! It would be nice that my knees, shoulders, lower spine would not hurt or be so stiff... Thanks Gunnie for the site...it helps to be able to voice my feelings and fears!!! Love ya and KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!